My main source of inspiration is nature. We live on a farm and I spend most of my non-painting time outside: planting, observing, checking, planning, and sometimes just admiring in awe at the magic of the natural world.

The older I become, the deeper my bond with the natural world, which in turn is reflected in what I choose to draw and paint. Drawing serves many purposes for me: it energises me, and it makes me feel happy at my very core. It is fascinating to attempt to recreate the perfection created by nature, and looking at a beautiful landscape fills me with energy and a feeling of absolute calm, all at the same time!

I live amongst the oak forests and rolling hills of Santo Tirso, in the valleys located between Porto's Douro river and the Minho river further north. Everywhere you look there are beautiful dry-stone walls, bubbling streams and waterfalls, and majestic oaks. It is a truly magical corner of Portugal.

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