My main source of inspiration is nature. The older I become, the deeper my bond with the natural world, which in turn is reflected in what I choose to draw and paint. Drawing serves many purposes for me: it relaxes me, and it makes me feel happy. It is fascinating to attempt to recreate the perfection created by nature, and looking at a beautiful landscape fills me with energy and a feeling of absolute calm. I also love the challenge of improvement, and the constant learning I experience.

I live in the middle of the Silves countryside, in the South of Portugal. It is a mixture of orange orchards (now also joined by avocado and mango plantations) and wild areas populated with native species like carob, almond, olive and oak trees. My daily walks through this landscape strengthen this bond and clear my mind. I see the colours slowly change, the trees and plants transforming from season to season. I see many wild animals: snakes, wild boar, countless birds, rabbits, and in the month of May the garden is festooned with Monarch butterflies.

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