Portraits are a really uplifting and satisfying part of my artistic journey. I love the challenge of capturing someone & letting their light shine through.

So many aspects come into play when I create a portrait: composition, light, tonal values and hues, but the most important aspect of all is character. It is so incredibly important to me to allow the spark that defines a person radiate through the painting.

Curiously, during the pandemic lock-downs here in Portugal, I spent the vast majority of my time painting portraits of loved ones. The lack of physical proximity to special friends and family pushed me towards feeling closer to them by representing their spirit. It really helped - art is such a wonderful thing, and reminds me that THE PROCESS is the most important aspect of creating an artwork.

If you feel a connection with my style, and you'd be interested in commissioning a portrait of someone you love, please email me.


You can check out pricing and all commissioning information on my Commissions and Masterclass pages.